Endure Farms

Farmers are the original caretakers of the land and soil. A farm is an incredibly complex operation that can be affected at any moment by rain, hail, wind, drought, or insects. The bottom line is this: the more easily farmers can see and understand what’s happening or about to happen in every field, the better able they are to make sustainable choices. 

The FS System created the Enduring Farm Award to award farmers who have excelled to preserve and improve their land and natural resources for future generations by utilizing proven best management practices such as using the 4Rs of nutrient management, soil sampling, phosphorus management, and nitrogen management . 

The Enduring Farm Award recognizes FS customers who implement best management practices for nutrient utilization that lead to long-term soil and water quality, while enhancing profitability. To be considered for the Enduring Farm Award, FS member companies nominate farmer-customers who they believe excel in applying sustainable best management practices on their farms. Growers that earn a combined score of 150 points or greater for nutrient management activities are designated an Enduring Farm. 

Nominations can be submitted annually September 1 – December 31 with announcements and awards given in February. The initial nomination period will be in the fall of 2017 with the first awards given out in February 2018. See specific qualifications below. 

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