FS Companies have set aside ground to plant nearly 65 habitat havens for bees throughout the Midwest. These plots are planted with Green Yard™ Honey Bee Wildflower Mix, donated by GROWMARK Inc., which is a combination of annual and perennial flowers that provide nectar and pollen to honey bees.

This wildflower seed mixture includes specific favorites of honey bees and provides forage all season long. Up to 19 different flowers recommended by honey bee keepers are found in the mix, including Purple Coneflower, China Aster, Basil, Corn Poppy and Cape Forget-me-Not, among others.

Other important agriculture pollinators, native to the Midwest, also benefit from the plots, including Syrphid flies, hummingbird moths, leatherwing beetles and bees such as bumble, mason, polyester, squash, digger and others.

Many local 4-H clubs have also partnered with GROWMARK System Cooperatives to co-care for habitats that not only support pollinators but serve to educate community members and club members on the importance of pollination in food production.