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The FS brand represents a standard of excellence for agricultural and energy-related products. It's the people who represent the FS brand that set it apart. Always professional and dependable, FS specialists are trusted advisors who understand local needs.


As local cooperatives, FS Companies believe it is their responsibility to ensure that our earth, our communities, and businesses perform together, sustainably. FS Companies are committed to ensuring the continued profitability for the company, their owners, and their customers, while enacting to help the environment and greater good.

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September 25, 2018
Cover crops are expected to be a prominent management tool in reducing nutrient losses from agricultural fields, but they can also provide many additional benefits depending upon the species or mix selected.
September 25, 2018
When considering fall application of anhydrous ammonia make sure that the soil temperature at the 4” level is 50°F or less mid-morning several days before application and the weather forecast indicates it will be trending downward.
September 18, 2018
This year we have seen a widespread distribution of green stems with mature pods, across many different varieties and maturities. This phenomenon, known as Green Stem Disorder (GSD) or Green Stem Syndrome (GSS), is complex and not completely understood today.
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August 06, 2018
Mike Wilson is a man of all trades at Wabash Valley Service Company. Giving back to the community is one of his favorite "other dutues as assigned" roles.
June 19, 2018
Much like we all experience an awkward stage of growth during our formative years, corn plants can also between growth stages V5-V7.
June 05, 2018
Farmers work diligently each day to maximize their crop’s potential. That includes getting the most out of crop inputs like herbicides and fungicides. But how do you know if it’s working to its highest potential given all the varying conditions that can happen at application time?
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