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Product Attributes

  • None
  • High, Medium, Wet Soils
  • Above-Ground Protection, Glyphosate Tolerant, Refuge in the Bag

FS 6595V.jpg

FS 6595V RIB
VT Double Pro RIB Complete Corn Blend

If you have a need for a 115 day Double Pro, this hybrid is a MUST for your farm! 

FS 6595V has outstanding top-end yield potential and consistency in-zone with the ability to move north. It also provides very good stalks, roots and late-season appearance. FS 6595V has a girthy ear with very good kernel depth and test weight that farmers are looking for when selecting high-yielding corn hybrids.

  • FS 6595V takes 1st out of 23 hybrids @ 287.7 BPA at M&M Service Company - Carlinville
  • FS 6595V comes in 4th out of 63 hybrids @ 264.8 BPA in the F.I.R.S.T. Trial in Jacksonville.
  • FS 6595V takes 1st out of 47 hybrids @ 240.0 BPA at Gateway FS - Fults 
  • FS 6595V takes 1st out of 40 hybrids @ 243.1 BPA at Wabash Valley - Eldorado