FS 6395.png

Product Attributes

  • None
  • High, Medium, Wet Soils
  • Above-Ground Protection, Glyphosate Tolerant, Refuge in the Bag

Looking for an attractive hybrid that produces? Look no further!

FS 6395VDG RIB has optimal top-end yield potential when positioned on high management acres. This hybrid is medium statured with very good stalks, roots and most notably its late season stay green. FS 6395 produces high quality grain with very good test weight. You will not want to miss out on this new hybrid that stands out in a crowd! 

FS 6395VDG takes 1st @ 265.5 BPA at AGRILAND FS - Hamlin, IA

FS 6395VDG takes 1st @ 254.4 BPA at Stephenson Service Co - Apple Canyon Lake, IL

FS 6395VDG takes 1st @ 256.9 BPA at Evergreen FS - Atwood, IL

FS 6395VDG takes 4th @ 282.9 BPA at Prairieland FS - Kinderhook, IL