HS 42X90.png

Product Attributes

  • None
  • High, Medium, Low, Wet Soils
  • Glufosinate Herbicide Tolerant, Glyphosate Tolerant, SCN, STS


HS 42X90 has had excellent performance across the Midwest in 2019 trials and rises against Southern threats.  This is a medium-tall line with very good standability and is widely adapted. HS 42X90 has an outstanding agronomic package including very good tolerance to SDS, FE and Stem Canker. This STS Stack variety is a great companion to HS 41X70 - making an unbeatable duo in the Early Group 4 maturity range. 

  • HS 42X90 takes 1st  @ 90.8 BPA at Prairieland FS - Winchester, IL
  • HS 42X90 takes 1st @ 86.4 BPA at South Central FS - Altamont, IL
  • HS 42X90 takes 1st @ 77.6 BPA at Fulton FS - Ipava, IL
  • HS 42X90 takes 1st @ 75.7 BPA at M&M Service Company - Carlinville, IL