HS 35X90.png

Product Attributes

  • None
  • High, Medium, Low, Wet Soils
  • Dicamba Tolerant, Glyphosate Tolerant, SCN


HS 35X90 is an attractive, robust variety with excellent standability and emergence. This variety moves South well and has very good Frog Eye, PRR and Stem Canker tolerance. This product is an excellent companion line to our proven varieties of HS 34X60 and HS 37X70. The new HS 35X90 is widely adapted and performs well across all soil types.

HiSOY's on Every Farm! 

  • HS 35X90 takes 3rd out of 16 entries @ 70 BPA at AGRILAND FS - Sigourney, IA
  • HS 35X90 takes 3rd out of 16 varieties @ 98.5 BPA at the First Mid Ag Trials - Geneseo, IL
  • HS 35X90 takes 7th out of 25 entries @ 70.7 BPA at AgView FS - Buda, IL
  • HS 35X90 takes 4th out of 33 entries @ 63.1 BPA at  Gold Star FS  - Alpha, IL