HS 27X90.png

Product Attributes

  • None
  • High, Medium, Low, Wet Soils
  • Glyphosate Tolerant, SCN


HS 27X90 has had excellent performance across the entire Midwest in 2018 and 2019. This variety has very good standability and stress tolerance. HS 27X90 has very good emergence, BSR, PRR and IDC tolerance. It is widely adapted and does well in all soybean growing environments.HS 27X90 is a great companion line to HS 28X70.

Trial Results

  • HS 27X90 takes 1st  @ 64.6 BPA in IASO FIRST Trial at Victor, IA
  • HS 27X90 takes 2nd @ 63.4 BPA at AgView FS -   Toluca, IL
  • HS 27X90 takes 4th @ 60.1 BPA at Heritage FS - Beaverville, IL
  • HS 27X90 takes 6th @ 78.9 BPA IASO FIRST Trial at Oakland, IA