DairySelectTM is a special designation reserved exclusively for FS InVISIONTM hybrids that deliver outstanding whole-plant digestibility, high starch content, and maximum tonnage all the key characteristics dairy farmers demand. To ensure top quality, we partner with Dairyland Laboratories in Arcadia, Wisconsin to conduct 30-hour invitro testing, and also include advance testing procedures from Calibrate® Technologies.   
Wet Chemistry vs. NIR Testing
FS InVISION™ DairySelect™ products go through an extensive testing process and undergo much more stringent evaluations than our competitors.We use wet chemistry analysis for our evaluation, while many competitors settle for NIR testing.
Wet Chemistry 
• The most accurate testing methods for analyzing feeds and forages for nutrient content.
• Exact measurements such as NDFD (digestibility) are ONLY derived using wet chemistry methods.
• They are also used by few corn silage companies in the industry, because the testing is more expensive and requires more time.
• FS InVISION DairySelect products are tested and selected using only 30-hour invitro testing to simulate rumen digestion of the silage.
NIR (Near Infrared Reflections)
• A quick, inexpensive way to test silage samples.
• Finely ground sample of feed material is prepared, and the NIR instrument exposes this material to near infrared energy.
• Light reflected into the sample is matched by the computer to a database of known specimens.
• NIR uses indirect determinations, but is used by many of national silage brands.
Why FS InVISION™ DairySelect™?
Because the proof is in the milk. Products in the FS InVISION™ DairySelect™ line continue to be leaders in tonnage, digestibility and milk per acre. Talk to your FS crop specialist about solutions to increase your herd's productivity. 

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