Nutritional & Biologicals

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Nutritional & Biologicals

When it comes to High Yield Crop Management, today’s progressive growers are looking for next level yields as well as an ROI that means something to their bottom line. FS has the tools to get you there through a systems approach with properly timed fertility and stress management during the growing season.



BioPath® is a microbial inoculant containing bioactives of PGPR Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria that improves nutrient utilization and conditions for greater plant growth and vigor, helping growers maximize ROI from fertilizer inputs.



Residue Management   
Breakdown™ is a unique blend of specific microbes to digest crop stubble and releases nutrients for next year’s crop. Breakdown targets cellulose, lignin, and keratin to stimulate natural soil biology and further decomposition.



DYMAX™ is a foliar bionutrient that has a fast and visible impact on plant health, with improved resistance and stress resilience. DYMAX provides nutrient support during the plant’s critical development stages to increase early root development.



Supplemental Fertility  
Envita is an N-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant, applied in furrow, or foliar, and across crops to supplement nitrogen. Envita develops a relationship with cells through the entire plant and lives in the plant throughout the entire season.



Supplemental Fertility  
Flex ‘N is a source of Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulfur with 4 micro-nutrients that can be applied to a variety of crops. Flex ‘N is a high quality, easy to use product that is cost effective because it can be applied at flexible rates to fit your fertility program.



Seed Treatment

Flotegic is a talc/graphite replacement, providing early season nutrition tailored towards specific crops. Flotegic creates a larger, more developed root system and improves crop resistance to early season cold and water stress. It improves planter lubrication and seed flowability.



Liquid Starter Fertilizer
InVigoron is a superior-grade liquid starter product lineup that places nutrients directly with the seed to maximize yield potential. InVigoron products are manufactured by utilizing quality raw materials to provide agronomically efficient sources of micronutrients.


Monty’s® Liquid Carbon

Monty’s is a soil conditioner designed to reduce soil compaction and improve overall soil health. It can be applied year round, especially during prechemical application or burn down. Liquid Carbon enhances micronutrient uptake and breakdown of plant residue.



Supplemental Fertility  
NutriBlast is a targeted Foliar Nutrition with options focused on Manganese, Iron, Zinc, and Boron powered by OptiPlex Technology. OptiPlex facilitates greater photosynthetic processes resulting in greener plants, more plant energy for growth, and increased yields.



Supplemental Fertility  
NutriFuse is an NPK liquid foliar fertilizer product line for supplemental nutrition to a wide range of intensive and specialty crops. NutriFuse provides a boost of macro- and micro- nutrient formulations for herbicide tank mixes that creates less stress and higher yields.



Periscope™ is an EPA registered PGR designed to improve the germination of seeds, plant emergence, root growth, seedling development and plant growth development throughout the growing season. Periscope can be applied to corn as both an in-furrow application as well as foliar-applied.



Dry Fertilizer Impregnation 
PhosLink is a liquid suspension concentrate of sub-micronized sized leonardite particles that can be conveniently impregnated onto dry fertilizer. Unlike dry granular leonardite products, PhosLink is not dusty and provides 1,000 times more surface area points of contact with the soil.



Dry Fertilizer Impregnation
PowerCoat® is a microbial inoculant containing bioactives of PGPR Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria that improves nutrient utilization for greater plant growth, helping growers maximize ROI from fertilizer inputs. It's formulated to impregnate bulk dry fertilizer.



Seed Treatment
Pro-Emerge™ seed treatments are an advanced line of nutritional and biological products that are designed to get your crops off to the best possible start. Pro-Emerge™ products have been shown to improve early emergence, root development, and seedling vigor.


Residuce® Complete

Residue Management   
Residuce® Complete is a blend of fungi and bacteria that accelerates the breakdown of residues, especially tough organic residues. When these are broken down quicker, more of the carbon in them is captured and recycled to help build soils.



SP-1 ™ is a stable, liquid biofertilizer product that provides a biologically diverse group of live microorganisms, when successfully inoculated in the rhizosphere of growing plants, improves the availability and delivery of essential nutrients.


Stilo™ PSR

Stilo PSR (Plant Support Recovery) is an affordable and effective crop stress mitigation tool that results in improved plant health and yield potential. Stilo PSR works within the plant to reduce the impact of abiotic stressors which negatively affect yield.


Symvado ST

Seed Treatment
Symvado ST is a mycorrhizal fungi seed treatment that enhances plant, root, and soil health. It improves nutrient acquisition and efficiency to optimize fertilizer and provides critical plan functions during the crop cycle, by mitigating aboitic stress through water retention.



TROVEC™ fertilizer additive is a blend of naturally occurring organic acid compounds. TROVEC™ increases plant uptake of soil and foliar applied nutrients. This product also increases early season root development and enhances tank mix compatibility.


Wolftrax® Micronutrients

Dry Fertilizer Impregnation 
Readily available when plants need them most, Wolftrax® Innovative Nutrients are research-tested and field-proven. They are specially formulated and designed to simplify nutrient management, boost crop performance, and maximize farmers’ fertilizer investment.


YaraVita® PROCOTE™

Dry Fertilizer Impregnation 
YaraVita® ProCote™ is a dealer applied proprietary micronutrient coating. It leverages the granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops. During a grower’s dry fertilizer program the platform delivers complete nutrition.



YieldON is a unique biostimulant and nutritional able to increase row crop’s productivity, modulating cell metabolism, division, and expansion, while also improving transport of sugars and nutrients. This results in an increase in the number of nodes and pods in soybeans and the number of kernels per ear in corn.


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