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FS Crop Specialists work diligently each day to maximize their customers’ crop potential. That includes getting the most out of crop inputs like herbicides and fungicides. Add an adjuvant to your crop protection program and know if your inputs are working to their highest potential. View our available offering of FS Adjuvant products below.


Drift Mitigation Premix 

FS AMS MAX DR™ is an easy-to-use premix of nonionic surfactant, ammonium sulfate, deposition aids, and drift retardant.


Water Conditioners & Premix
FS AMS MAX™ 2.0 is a convenient premix of a corn-based surfactant system and ammonium sulfate that enhances performance of glyphosate and herbicides.

FS AquaSupreme 2.0™

FS AquaSupreme 2.0™ is a low foaming, nonionic, activator adjuvant designed to improve the effectiveness of pesticides requiring the use of a nonionic surfactant.

FS Argent™

High Surfactant Methylated Seed Oil  

FS Argent™ is a high surfactant, APE/NPE-free methylated canola oil with built in deposition aid and drift reduction technology.

FS Barrier™

Drift Mitigation 
FS Barrier™ maximizes pesticide performance by binding spray particles together into larger droplets, making them more capable of hitting the intended target. 

FS Captis™

Soil Surfactant  
FS Captis™ is technology designed to maximize effectiveness of herbicides applied to the soil and can help stretch the performance of residual herbicides.

FS Certin™

Water Conditioner
FS Certin™ is a pH-neutral and AMS-free water conditioning agent that protects the performance potential of glyphosate, dicamba, and 2,4-D from antagonistic metal ions.

FS COC Supreme™

High Surfactant Crop Oil  
FS COC Supreme™ is a low use rate, high load crop oil concentrate replacement adjuvant. It enhances pesticide performance as compared to other crop oil concentrates.

FS Cogent™

High Surfactant Crop Oil  
FS Cogent™ is a high surfactant, APE/NPE-free, oil concentrate with built in drift and deposition technology. It can be tank mixed with a wide range of crop herbicides.

FS CropStik™


FS CropStik™ is a nonionic spreader-sticker designed to improve leaf surface coverage of spray solutions, while providing wash-off protection from untimely rainfall.

FS Eliminator™

Tank Purity
FS Eliminator™ aggressively suppresses initial foam buildup under agitation and quickly neutralizes established foam in the widest possible range of pesticide and/or fertilizer tank mixes.

FS Intention™

Drift Mitigation 
FS Intention™ is a stand-alone drift reduction and deposition aid. It can be used alone or in combination with water conditioning agents and other adjuvants to maximize on-target performance.

Intention™ DVA

Volatility Reduction Premix 
FS Intention™ DVA is an activator adjuvant premix designed for use with dicamba-containing tank mixes. It is an all-in-one premix of required DRA and VRA.

FS Layout 2.0™

Drift Mitigation 
FS Layout 2.0™ is a refined formulation to enhance pesticide performance by improving spray solution deposition and coverage while reducing driftable fines.


Drift Mitigation Premix 
FS MaxSupreme™ is a patented plant-based polymer and activator adjuvant specifically formulated to maximize herbicide performance on a wide range of weed species.

FS MSO Ultra™

Methylated Seed Oil  

FS MSO Ultra™ is a proprietary methylated soy oil blend formulated to enhance pesticide performance under a wider range of weather conditions and weed species.

FS Optique™

Methylated Seed Oil  

FS Optique™ is a unique methylated canola oil and surfactant blend that optimizes pesticide performance and mixing characteristics with a wide range of tank mix partners.

FS Optivix™

High Surfactant Methylated Seed Oil  

FS Optivix™ combines the performance of a premium methylated canola oil with a proprietary surfactant system to deliver higher levels of biological performance at lower use rates.

FS RinseOut™

Tank Purity

FS RinseOut™ is a next generation spray system cleaner, proven to be more efficient at removing both dried-on and oily pesticide residues than ordinary tank cleaners.

FS Talent™


FS Talent™ is a fully loaded nonionic surfactant with built-in deposition and drift reduction technology. This APE/NPE-free formula provides a high level of crop safety, making it ideal for fungicide applications.

FS TankMax™

Tank Purity
FS TankMax™ is a tank mix compatibility agent designed to remove compatibility problems with tank mixing UAN or ATS solutions with emulsifiable concentrates and flowable pesticides.

FS Task™

FS Task™ is a multi-functional adjuvant formulation designed to enhance the performance of a wide range of crop protection products and protects spray solution from premature breakdown. 

FS Transform Plus™

Drift Mitigation Premix 

FS Transform Plus™ is a convenient, low use rate premix that combines water conditioning agents, drift retardants, ammonium ions, and antifoam in a single formulation.

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