​​Growers trust FS to deliver top-performing hybrids and varieties that promise the highest profit potential at harvest.  

Crop Specialists at FS Member Companies offer seed solutions and expert recommendations tailored to each grower's fields, utilizing cutting edge products from our highly respected FS InVISION™ Seed Corn, FS HiSOY® Soybeans, FS Wheat, FS Forage Seed​​, and W-L Alfalfa brands, as well as our system supported DEKALB®, Asgrow® and NK®​ brands.​

When you choose FS branded seed, you benefit from the expertise of a local FS Crop Specialist, whose job is to help you maximize every acre.

We are the experts in our field. So, the only thing you’ll be asking FS is, what’s next?  ​