Specialty Products

Through extensive analysis, certain FS InVISION™ products have been determined to carry additional value-added benefits to growers.  Read on for more information on these value-added specialty products and then contact your FS Crop Specialist to get the right winning FS InVISION™ products for your farm. ​​


FS InVISION™ DairySelect™ corn packs a triple-threat punch with leading tonnage, digestibility and milk/acre.

FS DAIRY SELECT™ is a designation reserved only for those FS INVISION™ products proven to deliver maximum whole plant digestibility as well as high starch digestibility, and maximum tonnage.  In partnership with DAIRYLAND laboratories in Arcadia, Wisconsin, we use only wet chemistry testing procedures with 30 hour invitro testing allowing for maximum profits per acre.  

Also new for 2016 will be the use of cutting edge testing called CALIBRATE . This testing procedure will be used to fine tune digestibility results so that we can provide the best product available to our dairy operations. 

Ask your FS Crop Specialist or FS Feed Specialist how FS DairySelect™ can help your dairy operation be more profitable.  

​Food Grade

FS InVISION can help you take advantage of food-grade marketing opportunities with products that offer consistent high yields and the dry-milling qualities processors require. See your Local FS Crop Specialist about contracting opportunities available for FS InVISION food grade products.

Processor Preferred®

Ethanol plants are asking for Processor Preferred® High Fermentable Corn (HFC) and High Extractable Starch Corn (HES) that are ideal for ethanol production. As you consider your grain marketing options, look for the symbols identifying FS InVISION products approved for ethanol contracting opportunities in your area.