FS Forage

 FS Forage®

There’s a lot of talk about genetic improvements these days, but what you really need is seed genetics that are specifically proven to yield where you farm.

That’s why we work with only those breeders dedicated to developing the best proprietary forages and alfalfas available in the Midwest. The fact is, W-L Alfalfa and FS Forages are proven time and again to give maximum performance in local soils and under local circumstances, offering growers a full line of forages for livestock, nutrient management plans, and cover crops to meet any need. Check out the FS Forage Product Guide or the FS Cover Crop Management Book​. 

Add to that a whole team of local experts who are right down the road and ready to help. So when you’re out there maximizing every acre of your ground, turn to someone who is as dedicated to farming as you are. Contact your FS Crop Specialist