A Weekend to GRILL

Ladies and gentlemen start your...grills. Fourth of July brings together families to celebrate our Grill Propane.jpgindependence and to share tasty foods together. Before we can start our grills it is always good to follow a few precautions. We love our FS Propane which means we want you to have a safe grilling weekend!  Here are some tips from our friends at the Propane Research and Education (PERC) Council for your grills this weekend. 

  • Follow the manufacturers instructions 

  • Position the Grill in a safe location 

  • Check for leaks

  • Follow proper lighting procedures 

  • Follow proper relighting procedures 

  • Be present

Find more grilling safety tips at PERC. 

Our friends at PERC also have a unique program called Grilling for Heros which is a program dedicated to generate donations for the Hope for the Warriors non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of post 9/11 service members, their families, and families of those who have fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty. Please consider donating to this great organization. As a thank you for your contribution you will receive a grilling cookbook with lots of tasty recipes.

Donate now.​

From all of us at FS, Happy 4th of July Weekend!