FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic 2 Grease Article

​It doesn't matter what application you have, unscheduled down time can be expensive. Profit-generating productivity stops while expenses keep adding up. Performing regularly scheduled pic147.jpgmaintenance using the best quality lubricants is the best defense.

Grease, as defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is a solid to semisolid product of dispersion of a thickening agent in liquid lubricant. Other ingredients imparting special properties may be included." (ASTM D 288, Standard Definitions of Terms Relating to Petroleum).  Grease acts as a sealant to keep out contaminants and minimize leakage, is easier to contain than oil and holds solid lubricants in suspension for extra protection in extreme conditions.

FS has a complete line of grease products for multiple applications, whether it is multi-purpose, food grade, environmentally friendly or other unique applications. FS Spectra Lube Greases are specially formulated to meet the changing needs of machinery technology.

FS Spectra Lube Green Grease has recently been upgraded to a semi-synthetic technology and is a calcium sulfonate-complex-thickened grease made with a heavy base oil.  It is formulated to meet the requirements of a variety of applications, and performs well in the mining, farming and construction industries where conditions are severe and performance of grease is critical to the operation.

Enhanced features and benefits include:

  • Improved resistance against oxidation
  • Higher film strength at elevated temperatures
  • Improved rust protection performance
  • Extended bearing life performance
  • Increased load carrying capability
  • Advanced wear protection
  • Improved low temperature working conditions

 FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease can be considered a true universal product, covering the needs of all industrial, automotive and marine applications. Most importantly, FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease can provide peace-of-mind, greatly reducing complexity and costs by consolidating and replacing multiple greases with a single grease technology platform.  Moving to a single product can remove the potential for misapplication or mixed grease issues.

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