FS Power Fluid–Innovating the Future of Universal Tractor Fluids

​FS Power Fluid is designed to be a truly, multipurpose tractor fluid, eliminating the need to use different fluids in different brands of tractors or other equipment. It offers superior lubricity, wearpic145.jpg protection, and rust and oxidation resistance.

With new, innovative technology that meets or exceeds most OEM specifications, FS Power Fluid incorporates performance that delivers value.

  • Superior extreme pressure protection prevents wear by providing an "anti-scuffing" layer on critical parts exposed to heavy loads and the effects of increased horsepower/torque.
  • Advanced viscosity index improver chemistry decreases fluid sensitivity to temperature changes. It flows easier when cold and protects better at higher operating temperatures.
  • Improved antioxidant protection extends fluid life.  It slows degradation and oil thickening when fluids encounter high operating temperatures.
  • Enhanced anti-wear capability provides a protective boundary between metal surfaces in gears, bearings, and pumps.
  • Enhanced shear stability increases fluid life.
  • Meets or Exceeds an extensive listing of OEM specifications (see product manual on www.gofurtherwithfs.com for complete specifications)

The technology used in today's high-powered equipment requires much more from lubricants than in the past. For optimum performance from a tractor's transmission, final drives, power take off (PTO), oil-immersed brakes, and hydraulic system, a premium, well-balanced fluid, such as FS Power Fluid, is needed. If you're looking for w ays to extend your profitability even further, contact your local FS energy specialist for more information.