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MiField Applied Research is the agronomic tool designed to deliver the information you need to get the highest profit per acre.  

Your FS agronomy team will help you conduct applied research on new products and practices. The data you receive is in real-time, in real-field trials, using scientific methods to discover how you can optimize profit per acres. 

MiField is more than some distant field trial. Our approach provides for side-by-side applied research of one or more additional agronomic practice or product – in your fields - in tandem with your standard practice or product.   MiField Applied Research allows you to compare for performance, efficacy for yield and profit per acre.

A successful approach to MiField trials calls for uniform protocols, measurement, records of Testing to profitability.pngapplication rates, timing, costs and yield outcomes.

The goal of MiField Applied Research is to compare and monitor performance factors including yield and return on investment.

So now instead of strong hunches, you'll be armed with solid data to make solid decisions.   Contact your FS Crop Specialist and discover, "What's best for my field."