Nutrient Best Practices
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 Best Practices

​FS firmly believes that nutrient management isn't about reducing nutrients in the ground.  It is about the 4Rs

        Using the Right nutrient source

Applied at the Right rate in

                   the Right pla​ce at 

                   the Right time. ​

​Which is why FS continues ​​to be at the forefront of developing nutrient management best practices. The 4Rs philosophy is a guideline farmers can follow when making fertility decisions.

When nutrients are applied according to 4R principles, crops have a better opportunity of using all the needed nutrients and producing a healthy, abundant crop. And when applied nutrients are fully utilized, none or very little, remains in the top soil profile, where they could be lost to temperature or water runoff.

Take the next step in improving nutrient use by your crop. Contact your local FS crop specialist to learn more about incorporating best nutrient practices into your operation. For additional information, visit these sites:


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​Nutrient management isn't just about better management of plant food. It's about the beneficial outcomes of implementing a best practices nutrient management plan:

  • Increase crop productivity

  • Improve profitability

  • Maintain soil fertility

  • Reduce input costs

  • Minimize nutrient loss

  • Improve water quality​

Outcomes that are good for your business and our environment. Agronomically sound, economically sound and environmentally sound. Nutrient management is a win-win·win.

Contact your FS crop specialist ​to assist you in preparing a customized nutrient management plan that achieves your short- and long-term operational goals. Helping you stay ready for what's next.