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​The world is facing growing concern about the environment. At FS, we share this concern and have taken action to gain learning, develop solutions and work with our farmer-customers to become even better stewards of the land and water. 

Over the past several years, FS and GROWMARK, Inc., have been collaborating with industry experts to better understand the lifecycle and movement of nutrients and develop best practices that focus on optimizing crop yields, while ensuring crop inputs are used by the crop and stay out of the water supply. These best practices help our farmer-customers continue to improve their long-standing stewardship of the land and water – both essential foundations of:

  • The crops they grow for a living

  • The source of food to help feed a growing world population

  • All in working toward creating a sustainable world environment

A few examples:


Investment in personnel and funding to create and support the Illinois Council on Best Management Practices (CBMP). This group includes experts from GROWMARK, Illinois Corn Growers Association, Illinois Pork Producers, Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association, Syngenta, Illinois Soybean Association, and Monsanto. It actively provides programs and education to help farmers manage nutrients for productivity and keep nutrients  in the field and away from local watersheds.


Active involvement at both high government level discussions and grass roots work with growers and universities in major watershed protection efforts, notably the Chesapeake Bay Watershed project. And we're winning the battle in terms of improving the water quality and engaging growers in responsible management practices to sustain this success.​


Sharing our learnings and programs well beyond the reach of our FS commercial geography into other agriculture regions to help establish similar water quality initiatives in areas like Ohio's Lake Erie and Lake St Mary's watershed projects, the Mississippi River Watershed project and the many tributary projects such as Iowa's Raccoon River.


Training and utilizing the FS System of member cooperatives throughout Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin to provide expert counsel to farmers through meetings and one-on-one support that put best nutrient management techniques into practice.​

Overall, we’re sharing and working with farmers, government and other concerned groups to develop proactive responses that manage nutrients for the long term. There is much to do, but everyday we’re seeking and implementing programs to ensure a bright future for all.​