Get the most out of your ground, with new products from FS InVISIONTM.  With access to the best technology and genetics in the industry, these hybrids have already proven to perform. Click each product to learn more. 


Strong and Adaptable | RM - 85
Technology - Available as VT Double PRO RIB Complete

Large statured product that performs well in both high and low yield environments. 


The Benchmark | RM - 90
Technology - Available as VT Double PRO RIB Complete

A great fit on the average to tougher acres


Widespread Success | RM 95
Technology - Available as VT Double PRO RIB Complete and SmartStax RIB Complete

Versatile from east to west.



Yiels Everywhere | RM-100
Techology - Conventional

Flex-style hybrid, with large ears and 18-20 kernel rows, adapating well to moderate planting populations


Strong Agronomics | RM-107
Technology - Available as VT Double PRO RIB Complete, SmartStax RIB Complete and Conventional
Great combination of yield and agronomics


Takes the Heat | RM-109
Techology - Available Agrisure Duracade 5222A E-Z Refuge

Performs very well in heat and drought conditions

Conquerer | RM-111
Technology - Available as SmartStax RIB Complete
Top of yield charts throughout entire Midwest in its respective maturity range 


Suit of Armor | RM-111
Technology - Available as Trecepta RIB Complete
Good disease package for Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot


Excellent in its field | RM-113
Technology - Available as Trecepta RIB Complete
Very stable product across all yield environments and very good fit for Southern IL 


Unbroken | RM-114
Technology - Available as SmartStax RIB Complete
Impressive new hybrid with a lot of yield punch and strong late-season health 


Go-anywhere hybrid | RM-116
Technology - Available as Trecepta RIB Complete
Huge yield upgrade over FS 66ZV1 in a new genetic package with heavy test weight